Friday, June 24, 2005

Lost in Translation

lost in translation

charlotte  i'm stuck. dose it get easier.
bobno, yes, it dose...
charlotte  yeah? but look at you
bobthanks. it dose, the more you know who you are... you don't care about thinks the same way...
charlotte  i just don't know what i'm supposed to be. i thought maybe i wanted to be a writer... but i hate what i write, and i tried taking pictures, but john's so good at that, and mine are so mediocre... and every girl goes through a photography phase, like horses, you know dumb pictures of your feet...
bobyou'll figure it out. i'm not worred about you. keep writing.
charlotte  but, i'm mean.
bobthat's ok.
charlotte  and marriage, dose that get easier?
bobit's hard. we started going to a marriage counseler.
charlotte  did that help? did you learn anything?
bobwe established that we have no communication.
charlotte  oh.
bobwe used to have fun, she ussed to like to go to places with me for my movies and we would laugh at all the weirdos, but now she's tried of it all. she never wants to leave the kids, she dosen't need me, and they don't need me, i feel like i'm in the way. it gets complicated when you have kids... that changes everything.
charlotte  that's too scary.
bobwhen they're born its like vietnam. it's terrifying.
charlotte  no one ever tells you that...
bobbut, it's great being with them, after they can talk, and can do things with you.
charlotte  that's nice. my parents were always traveling, they weren't around so much.
bobwhere'd you grown up?
charlotte  in d.c., my dad was the ambassador to france in the eighties, so we went to school in paris for a few years... but we mostly lived in d.c., and the were never around... and then i moved to los angeles when john and i got married... it's so different there.
bobi know
charlotte  john thinks i'm so snotty.
bobyou are.
charlotte  i know, but that's what you like about me. why do you have to be with your opposite, why can't similar poeple to together?
bobbecause that would be too easy.

lost in translation
lost in translation

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