Thursday, March 24, 2005

SETI@Home: Countdown to 5,000 WU!

Scanning data file
Data Info:
Sky coordinates: 12.651 R.A., 10.230 Dec
Recorded on: 2453359.98226 (Mon Dec 20 11:34:26 2004)
Source: Arecibo Radio Observatory
Base Frequency: 1.419228516 GHz
Found data file: yes. Found result header file: yes.
Scanning result header file.
Beginning analysis...
    (This is the last message displayed while the client works.
    To see progress messages between now and completion of
    processing, operate the client with the -verbose option.
    You can also see the progress of the client by looking at
    the 'prog=' line in the state.sah file.
Done with work unit.
Sending result - connecting to server.
All data sent.
SETI@home account summary:
Name: Kwanghoon Jhin
Data units completed: 4999
Total computer time: 61433 hr 16 min 49.0 sec
Logged in as Kwanghoon Jhin ()
Number of work units processed: 4999
Total CPU time: 221159809.081390

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